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Laureen Foster Bowen
Are you a St. Hugh's High School alumna living in the Toronto area? You may be interested in becoming involved with the Toronto Chapter of the St.Hugh's High School Alumnae Assoc. If so, please contact me at 905-826-4182 or Joy Graham @ 416-487-9890.

Jennifer B ,St.HHS '66 ~
Constance Chin ,St.HHS '60 ~
Audrey E. Hylmann ,StHHS ' 1964 ~
Linda Chin-Yee,St.HHS '66 ~
Laureen Foster Bowen ,St.HHS '69 ~
Eileen Wolfe ,St.HHS '63 ~
Jennifer Bryan , StHHS' 1966 ~ wear this@Aol
Norma D'Aguilar Soper , StHHS' 1966 ~
Joy E. (Olfonse) Robinson , StHHS' 1966 ~
Millicent Gardiner-Person , StHHS' 1968 ~
Dawn Long-Nelson , StHHS' 1967 ~
Marcia Daley , StHHS' 1968 ~
Lavern Chen Laman , StHHS' 69 ~
Maple McLeod(Milton) , StHHS' 62 ~
Claudette Fay Durrant , StHHS' 1962 ~
Emelita (Brown) Johnson , StHHS' 1965 ~

Y. (Young) Steele , StHHS' 1968 ~
Gail Campbell-Cohen , StHHS' 1964 ~
Sonia (Wong) Chin , StHHS' 1962 ~

Merrell Chin Yee , StHHS' 1967 ~
Yvonne (Wong) Blissett , StHHS' 1962 ~


Flo Ferguson ,St.HHS '77 ~
Dawn Ebanks,St.HHS '77 ~
Cheryl C. Palmer,St.HHS '74 ~
Karen Smythe-Johnson,St.HHS '75 ~
Marilyn Maxwell,St.HHS '70 ~
Patricia Bernard-Mark,St.HHS '78 ~
Charmaine Deane ,St.HHS '78 ~
Barbara Theobalds ,St.HHS '77 ~
Jackie Hill Millington , StHHS' 1978 ~
Judy-Ann Minott McChester. , StHHS' 74 ~
Carolyn Muschett-Stewart , StHHS' 1977 ~
Donna Melville-Ingram Meade , StHHS' 1970 ~
Claudette Fraser , StHHS' 1974 ~ mnurc3f@msh
Sharon Marks (Cushnie) , StHHS' 78 ~
Althea Mones-Foster , StHHS' 74 ~

Cheryl Gordon ,St.HHS '86 ~
Janice Fullerton,St.HHS '89 ~
Dianne McDonald,St.HHS '85 ~
Andrea Craig,St.HHS '88 ~
Andrea Gordon "FoxyGirl",St.HHS '85 ~
Suzanne Brandon Moore,
St.HHS '86 ~
Dawn Ellis,St.HHS '85 ~
Paula Woolcock-Kamau,St.HHS '86 ~
Alrene Richards Barr,St.HHS '86 ~
Rosanna Falcher ,St.HHS '89 ~
Nicole A. Gordon , StHHS' 89 ~
Sandra E. Ffrench-Rose , StHHS' 1980 ~
Camile Rowe , StHHS' 89 ~
Donnette Wilson-McLaughlin , StHHS' 1984 ~
Sandra E. Ffrench-Rose , StHHS' 1980 ~
Michelle D. Palmer , StHHS' 1983 ~
Andrea Morrison (Treasure) , StHHS' 1987 ~
Rodriq Stubbs , StHHS' 1988 ~
Opal Henry-Virgo , StHHS' 1985 ~
Morrinette (Pasard) Whitfield , StHHS' 1985 ~
Jenae A Daley
, StHHS' '81 ~
Yvonne Smith-Marston , StHHS' 1986 ~
Roxann Stubbs , StHHS'86 ~
Rodriq Stubbs StHHS'86 ~
Nicola Ricketts-Wescott StHHS' 86 ~
Kari-Lee Ricketts , StHHS' 1987 ~
Terrie-Ann Davis , StHHS' 1989 ~
Janice J. Wright , StHHS' 1985 ~
Sharon Reid-Baxter , StHHS' 1980 ~
Juliet Ingram - Reid
, StHHS' 85 ~
Pearl Wong , StHHS' 1980 ~
Charmaine Seymour , StHHS' 84 ~
Fay Ramsay , StHHS' 1984 ~
Michelle A. Grayson Medina , StHHS' 89 ~
Norma Lawrence , StHHS' 85 ~
Cecile M. Fraser , StHHS' 1982 ~;
Arlene Erskine (nee Miles) , StHHS' 1985 ~
Susan Street , StHHS' 1985 ~

Maloree M Baxter,St.HHS '93 ~
Dianne M. Levermore,St.HHS '91 ~
Jerainne Johnson,St.HHS '93 ~
Fiolina Lovell-Burnett St.HHS '90
Orita Stewart ,St.HHS '90 ~
Orita Stewart ,St.HHS '90 ~
Shawn S. Grant,St.HHS '92 ~
Kymarie Bailey , StHHS' 1993 ~
Ivett Richards-Shields StHHS'95 ~
Nicolette Forde ,StHHS' 1992 ~
Kaydeon Coore , StHHS' '92 ~
Nicolette Forde , StHHS' '92 ~
Tanya S. Ebanks , StHHS' 98 ~
Tamara A. Jones , StHHS' 1993 ~
Kharene Charlton-Dos Santos , StHHS' 1993 ~
Stacy-Ann McCogg , StHHS' 1992 ~


Yvonne (Wong) Blissett , StHHS' 1962 ~
 I am looking for Rita Morgan and Claudia Robinson. I went to school with Verna Moo Young and Rita.

Sonia (Wong) Chin '62
I am looking for Beverley McFarlane and Beverly Roberts.
Y. (Young) Steele '68
Would very much like to hear from Carmen Creque, (Tortola, B.V.I.) who stayed at the hostel and graduated in '68
Hi, I graduated in 85. Please e-mail me at I am looking forward to hearing from any past classmates out there. I would love to hear from people like N. Kidd; D. Jack; O. Lewis; K. Lindo & G. Taylor.
I was at St Hugh's from 1956-1962. Was Captain of Nelson House, and active in the Guide Company. I am presently Director of the Association of Caribbean States and live in Port of Spain Trinidad.Claudette Fay Durrant '62
Living in South Florida. Would love to hear from friends and especially students I taught during 1968 to '71.Maple McLeod(Milton) '62
The Atlanta Chapter of the St. Hugh's Alumnae Association invites you to the Annual Tea Party on Saturday, April 18, 1998. Attend our monthly meetings. Write: , Lavern Chen Laman '69
Hi everyone. I went to St. Hugh's 1962-1968 and lived at the hostel. Would love to get in touch with people from that era --seems like only yesterday.Marcia Daley'68
I am Joy (Olfonse) Robinson, who attended St. Hughs from 1960-1966. I lived at Hostel during the "Willy" era. looking to contact Grace Johnson, Carrol Barret, Lilla Bennet, Marva and Yasmine Young (are you both in Canada). Want to keep in touch with everyone from that time period. Contact me as soon as possible at my new e-mail address, or

Kari-Lee Ricketts '87 Hi everyone! I graduated in '87 but actually left in '89 after sixth form. My best friends then and now - Audrey Powell (Gregory) and Andrea Morgan (Thompson). I'm in contact with Paula Edwards (Ferguson), Gail Solomon, Cheryl Dixon, Ann-Marie Bell (Brown), Ann-Marie Mesquita, Opal McFarlane (Bonnefoy) to name a few. We lost touch with Denise Burton (where are you??) and where in the world is Nicolette Siddon? Anyone from my year, please e-mail me! All others are also welcome. Hope to see you ALL next year in JA for our 100th-year celebration!
Rodriq Stubbs ; Hi to all the old girls, My twin sister and I started 1st forn in 1981 and went to school with a lot of people including Sandra Foster, Judy Sutherland, Janice Sewell, Trudy McMillan, Carolyn Taylor (MD and MOM congrats!), Nichola Ricketts, Marion Robinson, Janet Francis (esquire!, Sandra Grannum, Joy Morrison, Simone Hay just to name a few. Say Hi to all and keep in touch- PLEASE
Rosanna Falcher
I graduated in 1989, and I was a member of the Volleyball Team there with people like Karen Plummer, Sandra Richards, Alicia Facey, Georgette Crawford, Jean Lee etc. All are here in the States except Jean. Anyone out there who can give me an address for Yvette Ewart please let me know!
Eileen Wolfe
I attended St.Hugh's from 1960-1963 after I left St. Hilda's. I would like to contact Joy Bogle, Jean Hibbert-Fairweather, Rosemarie Halliburton, Ruthann Williams, Vivienne Smith and anyone who attended St. Hugh's at that time. We all lived at the hostel with Mrs. Williams. I am currently living in the Philadelphia are in PA, so if there are any St. Hugh's or St. Hilda's alu,ni, I would love to make contact with you.
My name is Jerainne. In 1999 St. Hugh's will be 100 years old. Please make an effort to be apart of the celebration. Be proud to be one of the chosen few educated by one the finest high schools in Jamaica.
I have a question. Is there a Past Student Assosiation in Maryland or Washington D.C. If There is one please let me know. I am also seeking information on scholarships for medical school.

Flo Ferguson, Class of 77 ....
I graduated in 1977...........with Alicia Hamilton, Donna Grey, Donna Gordon, Elizabeth Stiebel, Elizabeth levy, Dorraine Samuels, Deanne DePass, Julie Meeks, .................Jennifer Falconer.........Tina Byles..........I could go on........their faces dance before me in some of my best memories....................I would love to contact them somehow............if you can help...........Please let me know.........

Hi I miss my friends at St. Hughs any of my classmates '61-66? There was Carol G, Marcia C. Andrea H, the Buchanan Twins and more. (Not to mention those KC Boys) If there's anyone from my era I'd love to hear from you!! Let's reminesce!! Jennifer B. e-mail Wear this
I went to St. Hugh's for 3 years in 86-89. Anyone that was there can email me. I had class with Chandra, the Dobson twins, Judy-Anne and a whole lot of other people.Janice Fullerton
My name is Dawn Ellis and I attended St. Hugh's from 1980 and graduated in 1985. I graduated with girls like Elizabeth Cardoza, Kerry Chambers, Camille Brown and Sharon Anderson. Any one out there on the web can e-mail me at I am looking forward to hearing from any past classmates out there.
I am happy to be a part of this forum. I am now an anglican priest living in Toronto, Canada with husband. I welcome any mail.Cheryl C. Palmer Class of '74
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Mr.Derek Elder, CEO of IBM World Trade Corporation (Jamaica) which began operations in Jamaica in 1950 and has made support for education a top priority in its corporate outreach program. IBM donated the equipment for JAMAICA 2000's first full computer lab, at the St. Hugh's High School, in 1993.

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